Is It Safe To Cut Wet Hedges?

Many people ask themselves if it is safe to cut wet hedges. The answer depends on the situation, but we will discuss some of the risks and benefits that come with cutting your hedges. If you have a wet hedge, this guide will help you decide what to do!

It is safe to cut wet hedges and the branches may be softer and easier to cut. The majority of the time, a wet hedge will dry out within 24 hours. If there is significant rain or high humidity for longer than this period, it may be more difficult to cut them without risk of damage.

Wet hedges are easier to cut because the leaves and branches are softer than dry ones, making hedge trimming more fun and less difficult. It is important to note that although wet hedges will be easier for you to cut, they may not be as safe because they are heavier due to the saturated leaves. It is up to you if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Is It Safe To Cut A Wet Hedge

Some people are hesitant about cutting their hedges when they’re wet because they worry that their hedge trimmer could get stuck while processing wet leaves. This can be really remedied with strategic planning, such as going over the hedges before they have a chance to dry out, or cutting your wet hedge during periods of light rain.

If you do not want to cut your hedges because it is raining outside and don’t think that it will stop soon, then we recommend waiting for at least an hour after the last rainfall ends so that the majority of that water will have dripped away.

If the summer months are long gone, hence the rain, and you’re keen to do a bit of gardening, I’ve got a great list of winter maintenance jobs you can tackle if you can’t do any trimming!

Another thing to consider when cutting a wet hedge in heavy rain is how much moisture there might already be on your lawn. The last thing you want is to slip while using cutting equipment, so be sure you’re standing on steady ground!

We’ve got a load of garden safety tips in one handy guide, so be sure to have a read of that to keep you extra safe!

Should You Cute A Wet Hedge

Should You Use Electric Tools To Trim A Wet Hedge?

You can use power tools to trim a wet hedge however proper precautions should be made if you are considering using corded tools. To be honest, it’s not the best idea, and while it is possible, we’d recommend using cordless power tools or hand tools when conditions are wet. We don’t want you to hurt yourself!

Is It Better To Cut A Hedge When It’s Wet Or Dry?

It is better to cut the hedge when it’s dry. If the hedge is wet, there is a chance that it will get damaged while you are trying to cut it because water makes the plant damp and weaker.

What Safety Gear Should You Use When Cutting A Wet Hedge?

It is important to use safety gear when cutting wet hedges. You should wear a hard hat, goggles, and gloves that are made for working with hedge trimmers. For more information on safety gear, check out our dedicated post.

In conclusion!

As you can see, wet hedges are safe to cut! Do your own risk assessment and decide what is best for you. If it’s not raining heavily however, wet leaves will dry out within 24 hours without any trouble whatsoever.

If you have wet leaves on your hedge then it might be harder to cut them without damaging the plant because of how wet they are.

All in all, if you can afford to take the time for the plant to dry out, it’s probably the best move, but if you have to cut hedges while it’s raining you will be okay.

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