Choisya Hedge Guide (It Smells Amazing!)


  • Genus: Choisya ternata
  • Most common variety: Suttons“>Aztec Pearl (Choisya × dewitteana),
Choisya Termata Aztec Pearl
Aztec Pearl

What Colour Is A Choisya Hedge?

The flower colour is white with a Corymb flower inflorescence. The stem is not aromatic and the flower value for gardens is that it is showy and fragrant. The flowers are star-shaped and the foliage stays green the entire year. Its leaves are deep leathery green and are glossy.

What Are Choisya Flowers Like?

Your Choisya hedge will flower in the spring and summer. The star-shaped flowers have four or five rays or petals. Each flower is between one and three inches in width. The fragrant white flowers appear in corymbs in the summer and are star-shaped around 1 inch wide.

What Are Choisya Hedge Fruits Like?

Choisya hedges don’t bear fruits. It is what it is.

How Do I Prune A Choisya Hedge?

These evergreens don’t have any special pruning requirements. You can, however, prune the plants to your desired size after they are established. it encourages new shoots to grow if you prune out older branches.

If you want more information on when to prune your plants, check out our When To Trim post!

How Do I Propagate A Choisya Hedge?

Choisya hedge cuttings need to be taken when the new growth at the base is just becoming woody with a tip that is still flexible, usually in the later months of summer.

  • Prepare a mix of half grit and half compost into pots.
  • Use a small stick for making holes for the cuttings.
  • Remove the soft stem tip and divide the remaining stem into five-inch cuttings.
  • Ensure that each cut has a base just above a leaf node.
  • From each cutting, remove the lower leaves.
  • Dip each cuttings’ base in rooting hormone powder to discourage rot and for encouraging root development.
  • Each cutting then needs to be placed in a prepared pot to a two-inch depth.
  • Gently water.
  • Loose plastic bags should then cover each pot. Use an elastic band to secure this to reduce the loss of moisture.
  • Place them out of direct sunlight in a cool greenhouse or a sheltered spot.
  • Place each cutting on the west or north windowsill before you move them outside.
  • Remove the plastic once a week to water your plants.
  • Remove any dying material and give them an airing.
  • The cuttings should be ready for planting out and hardening by the following spring.


How Do I Plant A Choisya Hedge?

Planting choisya depends on whether you live in a warm or cool climate.

  • In cooler regions, planting the choisya shrub should occur under full sunlight.
  • In warmer areas, plants grow well in dappled or light shade where tall trees canopy and cast irregular shadows on the ground.
  • In too much shade, choisya does not flower well and looks spindly.

It is much easier to grow choisya in acidic, well-drained soil. Fertile soil is best because these do not grow well in alkaline soil.

What Are The Main Threats For A Choisya Hedge?

Common threats to your Choisya hedge may include citrus red spider mites and black scale soft scales. Environmental disorders include poor water management, mineral and nutrient excess, and mineral deficiencies.

Fun Facts About Choisya

  • Choisya is named after Swiss botanist Jacques Denis Choisy.
  • Aztec Pearl is a narrow-leaf compact hybrid with white flowers that open from pink buds.
  • Sundance is the variety with bright yellow newer growth that fades to green.
  • Choisya ternata is native to Mexico.
  • Ternata refers to Choisya’s three leaflets

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