Budget Hedge Trimming – Get Fully Kitted For Under £40!

If you are new to the hedge trimming game, you don’t want to have to shell out a lot of money until you have unlocked the passion for pruning. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get well kitted out for your gardening goals!

Here is our recommended list of budget hedge trimming tools you will need for topiary and pruning:


Without doubt, the most important piece of gardening equipment is safety goggles. We explain why you must protect your vision in our Safety Goggles Guide, and if ever there was an area where budget should not be a barrier, this is it.

With that in mind, here’s our pick – get your pupils protected for a paltry price!

Silverline MSS160 Safety Goggles
Silverline MSS160 Safety Goggles

Silverline produce a wide range of products and these MSS160 Goggles tick all the boxes apart from the one marked “costs over £2.50”. While there are more stylish options, if you want to get the job done and you’re not posing while pruning, then these are a great choice!

  • Item Cost: £1.91 on Amazon.
  • Total Budget – £1.91


As we outlined in our Gardening Gloves Guide, there is a wide gamut of gauntlet available to you, but at the basic level you want something that will keep thorns and toxic juices at bay, while giving you some sensitivity when you need precision from your pinkies.

Town & Country Tgl429 Crinkle Finish Gloves
Town & Country Tgl429 Crinkle Finish Gloves

With that balance in mind, our recommendation is for the Town & Country Tgl429 Crinkle Finish Gloves. While they might not protect you against majorly thorny beasts like hawthorn or pyrocantha, they will keep smaller spikes at bay, and the Nitrile covering will provide some waterproofing. The wristband is snug, which saves debris getting inside the glove, and the crinkle finish gives you grip when you want it. All in all, these are a good choice if you’re looking for a lightweight solution for the odd occasion.

  • Item Cost: £6.05 on Amazon.
  • Total Budget – £7.96


Your secateurs are your best friend in the war on wonkiness in your hedgerows. While our Guide To Secateurs will give you some good pointers on what to choose, if budget hedge trimming is your priority, here’s our top choice!

Fiskars SingleStep Pruner Bypass P26 - your budget hedge trimming best friend
Fiskars SingleStep Pruner Bypass P26

The eagle eyed among you will note that this pair of secateurs aren’t included in our guide, but if you want to spend less than £10 and still get a good cutting tool, then these Fiskars SingleStep Bypass Pruners will help you tackle most of your general tasks with confidence.

The steel blades, with a non-stick coating on the top blade, will cut through stems up to 2cm in diameter and for the price, it’s hard to find a pair that will give you so much confidence for so little cash!

  • Item Cost: £7.89 on Amazon.
  • Total Budget – £15.85


Truth be told, you might not need loppers that often, but if you’ve got thick branches or trees to contend with, you won’t want to blunt your secateurs on them. A good pair of loppers is deliberately designed to give you power in cutting through thick wood, often at height, and so ratchet or gears are a must, however these technologies often come at price. Thankfully, we’ve done our research so you don’t have to!

GRÜNTEK Anvil Pruning Loppers
GRÜNTEK Anvil Pruning Loppers

The strongest member of your budget hedge trimming squad is here! These GRÜNTEK Anvil Pruning Loppers tick all the boxes with telescopic arms (for working at height and generating force), gearing mechanism (for generating cutting power) and anvil cutting blades (to crush your enemies!). They are also brightly coloured so you won’t lose them in the garden and you can enjoy yourself as your friends try to pronounce the brand name! (It’s German, and rhymes with PruneTech!)

These Anvil Loppers will tackle all your major league pruning needs and with the price tag of under £20, they’re hard to beat!

  • Item Cost: £16.98 on Amazon.
  • Total Budget – £32.83

Hedge Trimmer

This is an area where your budget can easily get stretched, but if you have a lot of hedgerows to handle, you’ll be grateful for the time savings you’ll get from a bit more power to your elbow.

Our Hedge Trimmer Guide can explain what to look for in a good trimmer, but this is a budget hedge trimming article, the main criteria is value for money!

XCEED EX600HT Hedge Trimmer
XCEED EX600HT Hedge Trimmer

Enter the XCEED EX600HT Hedge Trimmer. With a price tag of under £35, you would expect this machine to fall apart on first use, yet it is surprisingly robust and well made. The 60cm blade length will take care of most small and medium sized hedges and the handles are adjustable to allow for a range of movement. It is corded, which might limit your range, but for the price, you’ll find this hedge trimmer will xceed your xpectations!

  • Item Cost: £34.99 on Amazon.
  • Total Budget – £67.82


This might seem like an odd thing to include as part of a budget hedge trimming ensemble, but if you’ve ever spent half an hour stooped over picking up bits of hedge trimming, you’ll appreciate a good rake. Not only can they gather your gardening gubbins, but you can give your lawns a good seeing to with them as well!

Crystals 120cm Metal Extending Garden Rake
Crystals 120cm Metal Extending Garden Rake

You would be surprised how many different types of rake you can buy, but we found this Crystals 120cm Metal Extending Garden Rake to be a very versatile solution for under ten pounds! It has a telescopic handle to give you variable sweeping range, and the adjustable head means you can spread your rake nice and wide to gather all the larger mess, while narrowing it down to clear out the nooks and crannies.

  • Item Cost: £8.97 on Amazon.
  • Total Budget – £76.79

So there you have it – our budget hedge trimming selection!

For just over £75 you can be fully kitted out to deal with all your pruning problems for years to come. If you chose to hire the hedge trimmer – which isn’t a bad idea considering the infrequent use – you can get set up for just under £42!

It’s good to know that these tools need not cost the earth, but with a relatively small outlay, you can use them to keep your borders in good order!

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