The Best DeWalt Cordless Hedge Trimmers

DeWalt is a trusted manufacturing company that’s been making hard-wearing products since 1924 and their distinctive black and yellow tools can be seen in professional workspaces around the world. You get what you pay for and although DeWalt tools are more expensive than the average, they will last you a lifetime.

Their hedge trimmer collection is small but they’ve drilled down (pun intended) to produce a set of tools that will achieve your gardening goals with proficiency. One of the main things I like about the DeWalt set is that they’ve gone fully battery powered and their 20VMAX* – XR line of battery packs are interchangeable with virtually all their tools, so if you commit to DeWalt, you can chop and change among your tools with confidence.

We’ve talked about cordless hedge trimmers on the site before, and the power difference between corded and cordless electric tools is quite small these days, so these DeWalt picks will not leave you wanting more. I’ve chosen two standard trimmers and one pole trimmer, because they do the best job and there’s no benefit in diluting the review with more tools that only have slight variations.

Here are my picks for the best DeWalt Hedge Trimmer:

I’ll also look at the DeWalt Batteries and give a mention to their leafblower as well!

Disclosure: The hedge trimmer items recommended below are my top favourites because they have a great combination of quality and features. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through the links as a way to support this site. If you buy a qualifying product, you’re not charged anything extra, but I’ll get a small commission to help pay for my expenses. I hope you find my advice helpful and discover the best hedge trimming gear for your needs on this list.

Dewalt DCM563P2 Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Dewalt DCM563P2

DeWalt-DCM563P2 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer Cutter

The DCM563P2 is pretty much all you could ask for in a cordless trimmer. As part of the XR system, it’s battery compatible with most DeWalt tools, and if you use the 5.0ah batteries you’ll get 75 minutes of power in a single charge.

(The product I’m linking to is a bundle containing a charger and two batteries, which means 2.5 hours of power from the start!)

The build quality from DeWalt tools is always good, and with a weight of 3.4kg, the 55cm blade is well balanced so you can trim with confidence, while trusting the power of the machine to tackle most of your straggly shrubs. The convenience of cordless comes to the fore with the DCM563P2 and you don’t feel like you’re using a tool that’s significantly less powerful than petrol or corded alternatives.

The only shortcomings of this device are its size, meaning that if you are tackling really big areas, you may need something with a longer blade, or potentially a pole trimmer (more on that later!) but for 90% of all the trimming jobs, this machine will serve you very well!

Pro Tip: Learn how to clean your trimmer early on and you’ll be a very happy horticulturalist!

DeWalt DCM563PB Cordless Hedge Trimmer
DeWalt DCM563PB Cordless Hedge Trimmer

DeWalt DCM563PB-GB 18 V XR Hedge Trimmer

I’m going to level with you here. The main reason this is included in the mix is because the link is to the bare unit product, so if you’re already in the DeWalt fraternity, then hit the link below and you can pick this up to add to your arsenal.

The main difference between this and the DCM563P2 is that this has a brushless motor, which provides more power, but it comes at the cost of an extra kilo in weight. From my standpoint the additional power doesn’t outweigh the, er, weight increase, and so the 563P2 is my recommended pick, but if you can handle the power and the additional ergonomic strain, then this might be worth a look!

DeWalt DCMPH566N-XJCordless Hedge Trimmer

DeWalt DCMPH566N-XJ Cordless Hedge Trimmer

If you’ve got high hedges, then a cordless trimmer like the DCMPH566N could be a really smart choice, because it gives you a great amount of flexibility to tackle shrubs whether they are big or small.

I’m six feet tall and with this cordless trimmer I was able to reach hedge heights of 13ft without too much effort. The DMCPH566N weighs 4.4kg and is nicely balanced; it has seven positions for the direction of the cutting blade head, over a 180 degree rotation, so there’s very little that you can’t achieve with this machine. The hardened steel blades have a 25mm cutting space, which means they’ll go through fairly substantial branches, and this is useful when you can’t always see what you’re cutting.

The product I’ve linked to is a bare unit, and if you need to get batteries, I’ll link to them at the end of the post for simplicity.

DEWALT B DCB184 Battery & Charger

DeWalt B DCB184 5.0ah 18v XR Lithium Ion Battery Twin Pack + DCB115 Charger

This battery set underpins the entre DeWalt XR tool range, and by buying it, you have the power to purchase their other tools as base units. Given that the XR range includes all manner of cordless tools, from drills to carpentry tools to strimmers, if you choose to commit to DeWalt as a brand (not a bad idea!) this system gives you a huge amount of flexibility.

The 5.0Ah batteries will charge in around 50 minutes and with a double pack, you can always keep one topped up while the other is in use. As I mentioned with the DCM563P2, two batteries should give you over 2 hours of cutting time, which is a good amount for most jobs.

One of the nice things about this charger is that it can be wall mounted, so mine is set up on a wall in my garage, near a socket, without taking up any shelf space!


DeWalt DCM562P1-GB 18 V XR Brushless Blower

Okay I realise this isn’t a hedge trimmer, but when you’ve spent all day getting your borders in good order, you’ll be glad for a blower like this to herd all those cuttings together.

This cordless blower can produce air at 90mph with a relatively quiet noise and it really does help speed up the tidying process. The run time is only 18 minutes on a full charge, but that’s a non-stop figure and it’s unlikely you’ll use a full battery unless you’ve got a huge estate!

(By the way, if you’re wondering what to do with hedge trimmings, I can help!)

So there you have it. As I said at the start, DeWalt have made a fantastic tool range that is battery compatible and they’ve focused on one or two products that do the job well, so the recommendations are easy.

The build quality of DeWalt tools is something you can rely on, as indicated by their popularity with professionals, and so you can consider these tools a worthwhile investment in your gardening lifestyle.

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